Innovative materials that improve QUALITY of LIFE
"Photo-Catalytic Nano Materials"

Photo-Catalytic Nano Materials” ΙΚΕ is a spin-off company of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) based in Heraklion, Crete.
Designed to leverage the research results of the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, and in particular a series of patents on innovative photocatalytic (PC) nano-materials that degrade gaseous and liquid pollutants, purify waste, disrupt polluting and toxic odors and degrade pathogenic organisms.

The company is set to produce novel high-performance photocatalytic materials operating under the influence of solar and/or artificial (indoor) lighting, proved most effective both, on improving indoor/outdoor air quality (Indoor lecture treaters/meeting Halls, Hotels, Convention Centers, Schools, Universities, etc.) and on the disinfection of Bacteria, Viruses, Phages, etc at health-sensitive areas (Sewage treatment plants, Health Centers, Hospitals, Restaurants, Retirement Homes, etc.)

At present, a range of eco-friendly innovative PC materials have been developed tailor-made for various applications. Extensive tests by independent National and International bodies have shown enhanced de-pollution functionalities and strong disinfection properties.

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CEO & Co-Founder
prof. george kiriakidis

the co-Founder & CEO


George was the founder and head of the TCM materials lab at the IESL/FORTH established 1990.
He served as professor at the Physics Dpt of the University of Crete (1981-2017) and as President of the European Materials Research society (2017-2019).
He holds a BSc Physics from AUTH, Thessaloniki Greece, MSc in Control Eng. from UMIST Manchester and PhD in Materials Eng. from Salford Univ. UK. He also holds a MBA from the Univ. of Surrey, UK.
He was the founder of the first spin-off of FORTH (MITOS SA) in 1988 and served as the first director of the Science and Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C), He specializes in materials science and technology and is the author/co-authors in more than 150 scientific papers, articles and book chapters.



Vassilios holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry from University of Crete.
He has served as Visiting Researcher at International Institute of New Energy, Shenzhen, China and at Electronic Ceramics-K5, Institut ‘Josef Stefan’, Slovenia.
He has a combined research experience of over 10 years.
He has been selected as a next generation Young Researcher in Strasbourg on 2013 and 2017 at the 4th and 6th World Summit on Materials organized by the Int. Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) and he is one of the two European Representatives in the Global Materials Network on Advanced Materials. 

He is specialized on advanced materials for energy and environmental application and is the author /co-author in numerous scientific papers (> 50). He won important prizes and awards in Competitions of Innovation and Applied Research.

dr. vassilis binas