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“Μπογιές που αποδομούν ρύπους και εξαφανίζουν βακτήρια”, march 2020

“New Spin-off Company founded by FORTH for the production of photocatalytic materials that improve air quality”, april 2020

“Modified TiO2 based photocatalysts for improved air and health quality”

Chemica Chronica, Sempember 2019

“Improve Air and Health Quality”

ECOTEC June 2018

“Air quality in Europe – Achievements in the past and future needs / priorities for policy-science interface“

Chemica Chronica 2017

“Innovative Photocatalytic Paint for improved air and health quality”

13th Paints Symposium Research and Technology of Paints, Varnishes and Inks Building a lasting Future, page 85 – 98, 2018

“Novel Photocatalytic Materials .. made in Greece”

ECOTEC September 2015.

“Nanotechnology and Air Pollution”

ECOTEC December 2011